Brookwood Military Cemetery Surrey England - Interactive Map
"Each of the dead should be commemorated individually by name either on the headstone on the grave or by an inscription on a memorial; the headstones and memorials should be permanent; the headstones should be uniform; and there should be no distinction made on account of military or civil rank, race or creed. Records and registers of the war dead must also be kept." CWGC Royal Charter 1917

“There is no reason why cemeteries should be places of gloom.” Sir Frederic Kenyon,1918. "Combining structural and horticultural elements was not unfamiliar to the Commission’s architects. Sir Edwin Lutyens had worked closely with the horticulturist Gertrude Jekyll, whose devotion to traditional cottage garden plants and roses greatly influenced the appearance of the cemeteries. Wherever possible, species native to the casualties’ countries were planted to enhance sentimental associations with the gardens of home. The absence of paving between the headstone rows contributes to the simplicity of the cemetery designs." - from the CWGC records.

Some of the remembrance, commemorative services & related homage held here & in other locations

Brookwood CWGC Military Cemetery & ABMC Cemetery is maintained beautifully by its dedicated team of gardener grounds workers.
CWGC Historical Statement about Brookwood

Download CWGC Leaflet: A History of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Soldiers under Training tour Brookwood

This work is a tribute. Please tell me of any inaccuracies. Notes & Thanks
Friends, relatives & comrades of the fallen.

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Brookwood Military Cemetery Surrey England

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