Brookwood Military Cemetery
Battlefield Tour
Soldiers under Training tour the Military Cemetery under the guidance of retired British Army Officers.
SuT Cross Sacrifice
SuT Great War

Above: At the Brookwood Memorial

Top Right: Canadian WW2 Section Cross of Sacrifice
Retired Army Officer recounts history, sacrifice & valour

Bottom Right: By the 1914 - 18 Memorial

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This group were undertaking the Common Military Syllabus. The Army has strict standards & values underpinning the professionalism and discipline of every man and woman. Training includes "Realities of war" tours of the Military Cemetery.
Comments from soldiers include "The cemetery was a big eye-opener for us all, as standing next to the graves of the fallen made us realise just how many brave servicemen and women have given their lives doing the job that we all aspire to do."; "It was a good chance to pay our respects and remember the dead." and " ... find a head stone that we had some sort of connection with. The only one that had any close connection with me was that of my grandmother’s maiden name, so I laid down a poppy as a sign of respect. After we had all done that we had a little service which was wonderful."

The fallen continue their service by preparing the soldiers of today for military life.

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