The President of the Czech Republic His Excellency Petr Pavel, and his wife Eva, visit Brookwood hosted by MAFCSV

Gerry Manolas, Chair of MAFCSV says:

Continued: As the clocked ticked down for the President to leave for his flight we managed to squeeze in a quick beer at the Estaminet Café owned by our friend Eddie Jones. Perfectly decorated in coronation flags, I am sure that if the President could have stayed longer he would. But all good things must come to an end. As he left, we presented him with one of the veteran’s original ties worn when they met together, a copy of our tour of Brookwood and a signed copy of Dr Scott’s Plot 28 book. And there is nothing more British than a bottle of wine from King Charles’s Highgrove estate to enjoy when they got home. Thank you, your Excellency for making a visit to Brookwood a priority on your first visit to the UK as President. I am sure that the veteran’s themselves would be delighted to know that ‘one of their own’ is now leading the country they loved so much and upholding the values and beliefs they fought so hard for. We hope after your visit today that the spirit of Brookwood will inspire and guide you to achieve great things during your Presidency, including the continued support for the people of Ukraine. Děkuju!


Antony McCallum