Rededication of the Belgian Memorial
& Brookwood Last Post 80th Anniversary
Rededication of the Belgian Memorial by Captain Flamant, the Defence Attache of the London Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium & the 80th Anniversary of continuous service by the Brookwood Last Post Association. The album is here.

Memorial Day 2021
At the American Cemetery Brookwood
Mrs Caryn R. McClelland, A/Deputy Chargé d'Affaires of the U.S. Mission to the United Kingdom attnded a covid restricted ceremony. This web page shows the ceremony and related information. The page is here.

The Bellasis Information Board
On the 14th July 2021 the SWW2LN & supporting organisations unveiled an Information Board detailing the role of Bellasis House in training Czechoslovakian SOE Agents & their role in the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich in Prague. A Photo Album: Here

Edita Sedlakova & Zdenek Sedlak
Together Forever 2021
On the 9th May the Czech and Slovak Ambassadors, Defence Attache, MAFCSV, CWGC, families & friends gathered to honour Edita Sedlakova by inaugurating a military headstone. Theirs is a story of romance & tragedy.Here

Armistice Week 2020
In 2020 attendance & the ceremonies themselves at Brookwood were affected by covid restrictions. Here is a 6 minute video recording a tribute to American Great War dead.And a handful of images from other services. Here

Remembering Marína PAULÍNY in 2020
On International Women's Day the Slovak Ambassador and Chair of MAFCV began the process of refurbishing Marina Pauliny's grave in Brookwood Cemetery. Marina led an extraordinary life crossing continents in support of her beloved homeland. These pages share a little of her life story and show the effort to reclaim her grave.
This is a work in progress intended to be completed on her 2020 birthday. Here

Madam President Zuzana Čaputová 2019
On Wed 4th December Madam President Zuzana Čaputová of Slovakia attended Brookwood in the UK to lay a wreath at the Czechoslovak Memorial, plant the 13th Tree of Peace, meet the Sri-Chimnoy Oneness-Home Peace Runners and friends and family from the local community. Here

Aeriel Shot of the Air Forces Memorial
Added an aerial image of the Air Forces Memorial showing the north east facade & layout of the memorial. The chapel, astral crown, cuploa, remembrance stone and portico can be seen. Here..

Over the Years - Remembrance Services
A number of remembrance, memorial services & homage over a number of years. These include American, French, German, Polish, Czech & Slovak, Italian, Canadian & UK Services. Additionally the Centenary Service of entry of USA to the Great War as well as the CWGC celebration of the life of Violet Szabo. Here


Brookwood Military Cemetery
Inscription of every warriors name inscribed on the Chapel Walls of the American Cemetery. A full set of Panels from the Russia Memorial (removed in 2015) added in legible format. The Memorial showed the only VC recipient commemorated at Brookwood. Shown here.
Images of Panel 26 & 27 of the 1939-45 Brookwood Memorial updated to show the
'Addenda' including new inscriptions for Israeli SOE Agents.
Short initial section added about the 2015: 1914-18 Brookwood Memorial, with
all inscriptions easily readable in high definition here.
An interactive cemetery map taking 2 years to complete. Shows images of all sections of the military cemetery including burial plots and memorials. Includes allied nationals, Chelsea Pensioners, QA Nurses as well as German and Italian plots.  Enter
High definition images now added showing all names on each of the
Brookwood Memorial Panels - shortcut
High definition images - zoom to full size, now added (2015) of all fourteen
Panels on the UK 1914-18 Memorial - shortcut
(As opposed to the the 1914 -1918 Brookwood Memorial noted at top)

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