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Descriptions of detail are derived from
Watts Chapel by Veronica Franklin Gould Arrow Press ISBN 0951581112
available from the the Watts Gallery

This is a working Chapel and an icon of the Arts  & Crafts Movement
watts cemetery chapel
1The Chapel designed in 1896 by Mary Watts as a memorial to her husband the Victorian painter George F Watts
Extract from the Path representing Truth symbolised by the wise owl and keys of truth 10b
owl and keys
watts chapel entry view
2 View on approach. Based on a Greek cross with 4 arms creating deep embrasures for the decorated walls
One of many angels on the Path of the Just  and here protecting the roundel of patience. This on the Path showing Hope.10c
font winchester cathedral
3 Chestnut over oak with wrought-iron mounts fashioned by local blacksmith  show an evil dragon and a Tau cross surrounded by cherubs wings
 Guilded terracotta altar on which the ashes of GF Watts were presented  in July 1904 beneath Watts own oil painting of
"The All Pervading" 11
garment of praise
3a The Garment of Life on the door spandrel designed as an emboidered wall hanging
 Inside the \chapel the Tree of Life rises thru' the Trinity to the Seraph surrounded by symbols of the truths in turn encompassed by the medallions of the cherubims 12
seraph and angels
door pillar
4 The letters 'I AM' woven into the central pillar represent God who protects the kneeling men on both sides Apex of the ceiling at the centre of the greek cross showing the heads of the 4 seraphs and the arms of each embrasure13
ceiling apex
entrance angel
One of 15 in the choir of angels in the archivolt above the door
The Italianate arcade completed in 1907. Iron gates at centre. Centre front is the grave of  Mr&Mrs  Watts and behind a
clay memorial14
6 The gabled campanile & river of life. The spandrels are decorated with doves & the 31inch bell rings "C" An angel on the terracotta wellhead dated 1906 inscribed "The Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden.." Other watering methods were also traditional.15
water of life
river of life
7 Shallow ripples of the pure water of the River of Life beside the branches of the Tree of Life
The Potters Arts Guild created many Celtic terracotta crosses and gravestones 16
column head river of life
8 One of 4 capitals surmounting the River of Llife and representing the four evangelists. This symbolising Matthew. Visitors may meet Simba the hard working Chapel cat here resting at the Chapel door  17
9 Corbels beneath the Path of the Just. Here representing The Truth, The Way and The Life
View of the Cemetery Garden 18
cemetery garden
pathof the just
10 One fourth of the Path of the Just - each section with a core spirit eg owl of truth, and angels protecting symbols such as courage, unity, patience
 The Cemetery Garden in April  19
eagle and light
10a The Path ends in a circle of light surrounded by sun and stars with great eagles, symbol of the sun, and angels  protecting the way
Remember Mary Seton Watts   20
rember mary watts
Watts Interior
21 Chapel interior showing 1 embrasure and the interior decoration around the altar  Exterior with foreground terracotta grave marker made in the local pottery  22 Watts Chapel Exterior

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