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"There are only four single-cell apsidal churches in England. They were built by the Normans as single buildings terminating in an apse without any additions such as aisles or transepts."  Brian L Harris, Guide to Churches & Cathedrals. 2006 Ebury Press
This is a working Church within the Anglican United Parish including Nately Scures
Considered an outstanding example of an intact Norman C12 single cell apsidal church

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st swithuns
1Built of flint & rubble around 1175. The roof was replaced in 1786. Binstead stone forms the door & window dressings.
Captain William Carleton RN "One of the last survivors of Trafalgar" & only son of General Carleton - see 24  23
st swithuns Trafalgar Hero
st swithuns nately scures
2 View from the north-east. Nately Scures lis in the diocese of Winchester. St Swithun is a patron of Winchester Cathedral
General Thomas Carleton Governor of the Province of New Brunswick from its foundation in 1784. Younger brother of the 1st Baron Click for more detail  24
New Brunswick Govenor
st swithuns nately scures
View from the south-east.
Tribute plaque to the men of Nately Scures who fought and died in the Great War
st swithuns great war
st swithuns nately scures
The south aspect
 The exact date the de Scures, originating in Normandy, obtained & held the demesne is unclear but certainly from 1166 for over 300 years  26
st swithuns  scures
st swithuns nately scures
5 The west end. The 1865 campanile holds two bells cast in 1651 - one marked "Fear God" and the other "Love God"
Romantics of the 1600's & the era of English Civil War poeticly declare thier love on a plaque under the west window complete with reworked spelling  
Easy Read Version 27
st swithuns romantics
st swithuns nately scures

Unusually the only entrance is in the north wall via this late C12 Norman door
Ellen wife of Rev W M Fletcher former Parish Rector
st swithuns ellen
7 This mermaid rests on the east capital of the door holding a plait of hair in hand. This is a modern carving replacing the original  shown at 29
This original mermaid (now inside the church) is linked with a myth that she kidnapped & carried to sea a sailor who spurned her for a village girl  29
st swithuns mermaid
The circular font is C20 and a poor representation of C12 style
Wilim bbedall founder here. Henrys Barnes Parson Builder Heere 1591 HB. Inscribed plate attached to underside of gallery beam by entrance  30
st swithuns builder
st swithuns nately scures
The apse is 16ft in diameter and the nave 30ft lin length
    North window depicting Christ on the water
 Window in context
st swithuns north window
st swithuns nately scures
View from altar towards gallery, the latter seemingly built in1591and rebuiltin1786
East window above the altar.
Mary Magdalen at the crucifixion
 Window in context 32
st swithuns east window
st swithuns nately scures
11 View from the gallery. The following thumbnails show the memorial plaques in their order along the north and south walls
South - east window Window in context  

st swithuns south east window
st swithuns 4th Baron
12 Colonel Dudley Wilmot Carlton Coldstream Guards, Lord Dorchester & 4th  Baron Dorchester served in the Crimea. The title lapsed initially on his death in 1897
 South window There shall be one fold and one shepherd Window detail
Note IHS motif on cloak - cf 42 34
st swithuns south window
st swithuns nately scures
Major General Richard Langford Leir - Carleton who served as Church Warden
Floor tiles
Floor Tiles

st swithuns nately scures
Brigadier - General Vesey Thomas Bunbury son of Thomas Bunbury, Bishop of Limerick
 North pulpit of stone - refitted 1865 in rstoration by Anthony Salvin
st swithuns stone pulpit

st swithuns 6th Baron
15 Dudley Massey Piggot Carleton Lt Col Queens Lancers  - here described as 6th & last Baron, elsewhere as 2nd & last Baron of the recreated title
South stone reading desk / lectern - refitted 1865 
st swithuns

st swithuns dudley
16 Guy Francis Piggot Carleton - died age 17 years
This stone fashioned as clubs & others as diamonds (14)  & spades (15)
Altar dressing cloth
st swithuns altar dressing

1st Baron Dorchester
17 Guy Carlton 1st Baron Dorchester, Governor of Quebec & commander of British troops in the American Revolutionary War Click for Details
The organ restored by Geo Osmond & Co, Taunton  39 st swithuns organ

3rd Baron Dorchester 18
Guy Carlton 3rd Baron Dorchester
Extract from Maria Carleton's will recorded on the west wall of the gallery - duaghter of Richard Carleton (19) & Frances Louisa Horton Easy Read Version 40 Maria Carletons will

Richard Carleton 19
Richard, youngest son of the 1st Baron & Rector of Nately Scures
 One of the many designs of kneeler cushions in the church several of which show military associations  41
st swithuns kneeler

2nd Baron Dorchester 20 Arthur Henry 2nd Baron Dorchester Lieutenant Royal Horse Guards. Died unmarried aged 21 & succeeded by Guy Carleton eldest son of George
Cast iron grave marker with "Christogram" I H S derived from the first three letters of the Greek name of Jesus, but also popularly "In His Service" 42 IHS

Frances Carleton 21
Frances Louisa Carleton "This woman was full of good works and almsdeeds."

Francis Carleton 22
Francis Paynton Piggot Carleton, Captain 16th Lancers

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