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Maybe I have to invent a better title for a photography project to show the effort, exertion and willpower shown by people in the real world gym. How do you show that in a picture? Well, that's what I'm working out with the permission and help of the Foundation and you.

More photo sessions are needed to make the project work including X-biking, weight training, cross training and maybe other sessions.

If you're shown here and you'd rather not appear in the album let me know. If you're not and you'd like to be included - let me know. You could use the contacts page here or tell me. Thank you.

Meanwhile if you'd like an image of yourself shown in an album emailed to you (suitable for web or monitor display) contact me and tell me the image reference number - either the number with the image or the album and number - i.e. album "name" picture "x" of "y" (shown when you enlarge a thumbnail). If I've mis-spelt your name or got anything wrong please tell me. Albums will appear here usually within a week or so of taking the images. You'll need an up to date Flash Player to see most of these albums.

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spinning Spinning using Schwinn bikes. June 2007. Session led by Trevor with Dan and Eamond. The images at left were made just before the Foundation's last reincarnation into C21 gym & replacement of the Schwinn spinning bikes with X-bikes. As a reminder of the Foundation's pedigree a couple of the weight machines from the 80's era remain! Want to see Trevor & Dan on Wikipedia click here! 
Super Circuits May08 Super Circuits. This session led by Antony with Nicola Caroline Jon Reg Jeff and Eamond. 7am. Warm up. About 10 stations. 3 circuits - break - 3 circuits - break - 2 circuits. Cool down. 
Unlike adverts non of these images are posed. Low light, high contrast from down lighters , mixed lighting, mirrors and the position of equipment as well as  fast movement all add to the challenge of showing "effort".

Circuits aerobics June 08 Jun08 Circuits led by Tina with Reg Jon Trevor & Eamond - pain on the last circuit. James rowing, Sarah running & Steph on the high stepper.
Trevor returns after a few weeks absence & it shows. Eamond keeps up the
pace through the final circuit. Tina keeps everyone moving to time & an eye on
technique. Meanwhile Stephan high-steps James rows & Sarah's pony-tail and
blurred feet keep rhythm.
Jon at the Coliseum Jon has "worked out" at the Foundation since he was old enough to join & so likes an occasional change of venue. He took a trampette to Verona to exercise by the gladiators arena.  

Images of Nicola, Rebecca, Pippa, Olaulu, Jeff & Trevor.Thank you for helping trial fast set-up & use of the photo mini-studio in the dance studio at the gym especially after that 7am workout.

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