New Zealand's War Dead
Commonwealth War Graves Commission
This Cemetery was originally commissioned in 1917 for New Zealand Expeditionary Forces fighting in the Great War and then held 148 burials. It was extended to hold a further 82 New Zealand casualties of World War 2.
New Zealand
New Zealand


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New Zealands Membership of the CWGC

Around 103,000 New Zealand troops and nurses served in the Great War forming the First New Zealand Expeditionary Force. The contingent included Maori soldiers. The Second New Zealand Expeditionary Force of over 140,000 personnel fought during WW2 in Greece, Crete, North Africa, Italy and the Pacific. New Zealand naval forces fought Germany, Italy and Japan while its air force fought in theatres of war across Europe, Africa and the Pacific.

"This striking memorial will stand at the heart of our capital city to honour the heritage of loyalties between our two nations; to affirm our commitment to the memories of those who shared the hardships of wartime together and all who fell; and to bear witness to the enduring strength of the relationship between Britain and New Zealand". Exract from Dedication of the New Zealand War Memorial in London, 11 November 2006 by Queen Elizabeth.

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