Royal Hospital Chelsea
Commonwealth War Graves Commission
The Royal Hospital is a retirement and nursing home for British soldiers. It was established by Charles II in 1681 for the 'succour and relief of veterans broken by age and war'. The present plot dates from 1962

The present plot dates from 1962 and supercedes the ground in Plot 54 off St Marks Avenue. The Royal Hospital reworked Plot 54 clearing memorials to reduce costs.
In Feb 1953 in the Commons the Secretary of State for War was asked "Is it not a shocking disgrace that these fine old Pensioners should have their graves marked only by a peg in the ground with a number attached to it, especially as there are a short distance away neat, well-kept graves of Poles and Czechs tended by the Imperial War Graves Commission? Will the hon. Gentleman have the graves transferred to the Imperial War Graves Commission?"
Although the question prompted radical improvement in Plot 54 responsibility for burials and graves of Chelsea Pensioners passed to CWGC a decade later.
Headstones emulate those of CWGC, but with a riased, shouldered top.

Chelsea Pensioners Plot
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