Canadian Cemetery Reception & Records Hall
Commonwealth War Graves Commission
This building was a gift from the Canadian Government to the CWGC. It was designed by Sir Edward Brantwood Maufe while working as an architect of the War Graves Commission and built by Royal Canadian Engineers, The Canadian beaver above the entrance was sculpted by a Canadian engineer.
Canadian Records Building
Canadian Records Building East Facade

At left: a) newly planted Maples, and b) one of several maturing Maples; forming an avenue to the Canadian Cross of Sacrifice
Top right: a) main entrance of Records Hall, and b) Canadian beaver above door
Above right: a) A Mari usque ad Mare - From Sea to Sea - Canada's Motto from Psalm 72:8, and the maple leaf, lion and imperial crown sculpted by Esmond Burton which together b) face the wide expanse of the Canadian WW2 cemetery

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