Fowler 6nhp Road Locomotive City of Hull Owned by Paul Brown

Marshall 4nhp 10-ton Roller Tutor Owned by Cobb Family

Marshall 4nhp 10-ton Roller Tutor Owned by Cobb Family

Super Sentinel Wagon Owned by Mark Johnson

Fowler 6nhp Road Haulage Locomotive City of Hull Locomotive Owned by Paul Brownl

Stanley vanderbilt Race Steam Car Victoria 30hp Owned by Gerry Stoneman

Foden 4nhp 6-ton C-type Wagon Owned by Colin Knight

Foden 6-ton C-type Wagon Freddie Owned by Richard Vincent

Aveling & Porter 3nhp Tractor Bo Peep Owned by Richard Stock

Fowler 10nhp Road Locomotive Titan Owned by Dr Allan Marchington

Burrell 6nhp General Purpose Engine Pride of the West Owned by Richard & Marion Francis

Locomobile 5hp Spindle Seat Style 2 Runabout Stanley made Owned by Dr John Hennessy

Stanley Locomobile 5hp Replica Steam Car Owned by Dominic Thomas / Andrew Gibbs

Wallis & Steevens 3nhp Tractor Goliath Owned by G J Romanes

1950 Royal Ordinace Factory Armoured Recovery Vehicle  Conqueror  REME Museum

1956 Rotinoff Atlantic Ballast Tractor

Scammell Mountaineer Morag 1952 Ballast Winch Tractor Pickfords

Case Steam Engine Tractor USA showing eagle trademark based on Old Abe a civil war Company mascot here seen in its final form perched on a globe

Foden 6-ton C-type Wagon Owned by Richard Vincent