MAFCSV host the 2018 Celebration & Remembrance Ceremony
Held at the Czechoslovak Section of the Brookwood Military Cemetery UK
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Mrs Gerry Manolas, MAFCSV hosted a memorial & wreath laying event on 28th October remembering the Czechoslovak airmen, soldiers & military personnel who fought with the Allies during WW2. It was also a celebration of the centenary of creation of the Czechoslovak Republic.

As well as families, children & friends the event was attended by the Deputy Czech Ambassador; Jan Brunner and the Deputy Slovak Ambassador: Jan Godzeliak with the Czech Defence Attache Jiri Niedoba and Slovak Defence Attache Jan Godzeliak. Dignataries and representatives of other nations laid wreaths. Eddie Jones & Dagmar of the Trench Experience provided refreshments.

The event had a celebratory & uplifting atmosphere created by those present. So I've created a montage of images, in no order, featuring as many of those attending as I could capture. Many more images are shown in the album.

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