Blasts Past 2010 by WyrdLight
Event Plan's Blasts from the Past - 2010 - Broadlands
At last Blast from the Past returns with the hope that it has found a new home on the Broadlands Estate. The event stands out from others because the terrain and the use made of it provides good settings for realistic action and re-enactor sets. There is far more to see than is possible in a weekend and yet the area is easy to cover. A trend in re-enactment is involvement of the whole family with children attending in period as at Blasts 2010 where some were just months old. Many combatants are of a younger age making military scenarios more realistic.

If you'd like a glimpse of Blasts 2010 through just some of my favourite pictures then watch the "Photographers Choice" video.
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500 Images from Blasts from the Past 2010.
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This is my contribution to the wealth of images taken at the event. The range of themes, traders, demonstrations, and historical portrayals run in parallel mean these images give only a glimpse of Blasts 2010. Images of re-enactors & groups may be spread over several albums.

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