Centenary of US Entry of the Great War
On 6th April 1917 while still fighting a home land war on its southern border & after receipt of the intercepted Zimmerman Telegram the United States entered the Great War declaring hostilities against Germany. This Centenary was marked at the Guildhal London by the launch of the 'Fields of Battle, Lands of Peace' exhibition attended by the Lord Mayor of London and Lew Lukens, US Charge d'Affairs.
A short montage of the launch is seen here

Great War Homage
Brushed up my video montage paying tribute to those affected by the Great War. Seemed timely during its centeneary. Here

Air Forces Memorial Flight Sergeant Davidson
A walk through the Memorial to find the inscription of Royal Australian Air Force Flight Sergeant Davidson. Here.


Brookwood Military Cemetery
Short initial section added about the 2015: 1914-18 Brookwood Memorial, with
all inscriptions easily readable in high definition here.
An interactive cemetery map taking 2 years to complete. Shows images of all sections of the military cemetery including burial plots and memorials. Includes allied nationals, Chelsea Pensioners, QA Nurses as well as German and Italian plots.  Enter
High definition images now added showing all names on each of the
Brookwood Memorial Panels - shortcut
High definition images - zoom to full size, now added (2015) of all fourteen
Panels on the UK 1914-18 Memorial - shortcut
(As opposed to the the 1914 -1918 Brookwood Memorial noted at top)

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